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What To Keep in Mind with a Traditional Room

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A traditional room generally is either something you love or hate. You might have been living with kind of hand-me-down pieces left over from your college dorm space for years and you really looked forward to the time when you could buy a matching furniture set. When the time finally arrives you might really not know how to design house extensions both for your tastes and your lifestyle. This can be difficult at first but if you keep a few of these ideas in mind it can really help you along the way.

A traditional living room is still going to have to be modern. For instance if you have a flat screen TV that has to find ways to make it fashionable. Right now there seems to be a trend especially in very high end stores or designer magazines to go with kind of the shutter look or a cabinet that covers it. You will want to make sure that the cupboard is easy to open and close and that when it is open it provides the full view of the screen just so that your family doesn’t revolt. When you have company over or you just want to turn off the television then it gives you more of the look of a very beautiful piece of wood carving or cabinetry. This can only be an asset in your space instead of a liability.

One thing that is important for traditional room design is to own it. This is your chance to just decorate the space that you can actually live in every day. It’s really important to keep this in mind. A good way to do this is to play with scale. For instance artwork is in almost every room in the entire world. However, you can really put your own stamp on it just by making it huge. You could go for prints that almost fill up an entire wall. If this is a nature scene it’s really going to expand your room and even act as kind of a faux window. Of course you will have to spend a little bit more money for these kinds of custom sizes or pieces but it really can pay off in the end just because it does make such a very big impact.

A traditional living room set used to really focus in on a sofa and a love seat. Another option would be a sofa along with wing back chairs. However, you can change this up as long as you stick to the rest of the rules. For instance you could go with mismatched chairs but still have them both being a very formal style. You may even be able to have vintage pieces recovered as long as they are in good shape. This allows you to use heirloom items that might be sentimental but give them a more updated design style. The fabric will really highlight the fact that they are different shapes and can relate back to your sofa that you already have in your space.

For traditional dining rooms, you will really want to play around with your accessories. For instance mirrors are quite classic. However, you can just change it up by bringing in several mirrors. You could put three starburst mirrors on the wall for a vintage effect. This symmetry is going to be quite beautiful and it bounces light around the room. This is great if your room doesn’t have any architectural detail and because it does create a focal point by just updating a few decorative accessories. It also brings in a lot of metallic finishes which can have a very high end feeling and also relates to your table setting.

Another thing that is very important to consider is to use expected patterns in unexpected ways. For instance plaid is one of the most basic patterns out there. Recently, it’s gone out of vogue, but lately it has come back in a few high-end designer magazines. The way that the designers are making it look fresh instead of dated is by just using it in a new way. Maybe you are used to this kind of tweed fake fabric on your grandfathers sofa or arm chair. Instead, now it’s on very linear sofas with carved to wood details and the fabric is a very high quality in a more subtle color palette.

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